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Betar Nordia Jerusalem is marching proudly in light of the vision of the late Zeev Jabotinsky.

From the vision of the establishment of the group: “We turned to the process of establishing a new group which will restore the Betar splendor to the familiar and beloved symbol of the menorah.

The name chosen for the group is “Betar Nordia Jerusalem”. “Nordia” was the name of the group in the days when the British outlawed the Betar Association and a handful of members continued its activities in the underground under this name – the name chosen is a tribute to those heroes.

Betar Nordia Jerusalem will be a home for football fans in Israel and around the world who wish to identify with a football club that faithfully represents the heritage of the Betar movement. Betar Nordia Jerusalem will strive to realize through sporting, educational and community activities the original values of the Betar movement that combine Zionism and love of the homeland and universal values of enlightenment – the belief in equality between all human beings regardless of religion, race and gender and being “every single one is a king” “In the words of the movement’s founder, Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

We proudly carry the symbol of the Temple lamp is the symbol of the Hebrew battalions and the symbol of the global Betar organization.