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Betar Nordia Jerusalem

Betar Nordia Jerusalem

As an NGO Betar Nordia Jerusalem operates educational and volunteer projects that harness sports and football, for the education of next generations, empowering underprivileged populations, and introducing different sectors of society in Jerusalem. Our clear goal is to create a better future of cooperation and mutual respect between residents of Jerusalem, and help build a cultural mosaic that will advance all populations in Jerusalem.

The educational array

Betar Nordia Jerusalem is a football club that sees itself as more than just a “football team”, and accordingly strives for social involvement and instilling of values to the younger generation.
The lectures in schools are given by volunteers that include fans, players and club members who go to schools to talk with the younger generation about values such as equality, pluralism nonviolence and  discouragement of racism. The teenagers who are in the process of forming their identity are the most important target audience for us, one that will allow us to grow and pass our message on and create a better future. through the team’s unique story, we want to show that there is another way.

Some of the topics covered in the lectures are:

• The story of the establishment of the club while the rising racism and violence in Betar Jerusalem rises;

• The legacy of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and how it fits into the fabric of our lives today;

• Integration of different sectors in the club’s activities;

• Integration of youth in the club and social activism.

The array is aimed at students of all ages – from first to twelfth grade, with activities, methods and topics varying according to the target audience. Schools are happy to bring in a different voice and stimulate classroom discussion, and students can often be seen interested, connecting to the topic and asking questions.

Lectures are usually given by a team of two to four volunteers (members of the association and in many cases also senior team players who volunteer to speak about their connection to the club and the idea behind it), depending on the number of classes and the type of activity.

YMCA Football School

Starting in 2020, we started a collaboration with the Jerusalem YMCA Center – which engraved on its banner the interfaith brotherhood for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

At the Betar Nordia Jerusalem and YMCA football school, Jewish, Muslim and Christian children from kindergarten to elementary school train together.

The idea behind this collaboration is the belief that through sports and experience it is possible to bridge cultural gaps and create a better future for the city of Jerusalem and its residents.

Beyond improving football skills, sports values and self-confidence, we also instill in children values of respect and brotherhood, in the desire for coexistence, mutual respect between religions, nations and cultures, and seeing the cultural and religious diversity in Jerusalem as a bed for mutual growth and cross fertilization.

Football School for Shalva Children

Shalva is the largest and leading organization in Israel for the treatment of people with disabilities and their integration into society from birth and through all circles of life.

As of 2018, there is a collaboration between Betar Nordia Jerusalem Shalva.

As part of the collaboration, there are two multi-age football teams (9 to 13) that involve a total of 25 Shalva girls and boys (mixed teams) who suffer from various disabilities (autism, mental retardation, physical disabilities, post-traumatic disorders etc.).

Their coach is former club player Ofir Amram, who is accompanied by a member of the club’s board.  Practice takes place once a week, and the children learn and practice basic kickball.

Along with the joy of the game and healthy sports activities that improve motoric skills, the activity’s main goals are social bonding, strengthening self-confidence and creating a sense of ability.

Football school in the Gilo neighborhood

The Betar Nordia Jerusalem Football School has been operating in the Gilo neighborhood Since 2016, in cooperation with the Gilo Community Center.

60 children enrolled in the first year, and the number is gradually growing. In 2019 about 150 children took part in activities, divided into eight groups: grades one through six, a team of girls who began their second year, and for the first time a team of kindergarten children.

The teams train once or twice a week (depending on age), and in addition to acquiring football basics, during and after training great emphasis is placed on maintaining the values of friendship and sportsmanship, determination alongside decency, personal and gender empowerment, and emphasis on the importance of investing in studies.

Some of the children in the various teams come from low-income families, and they pay a subsidized price for the activity.

A look at education[O1] 

An educational and emotional shell for the children of the youth department of Betar Nordia Jerusalem


Betar Nordia Jerusalem’s youth department operates educational, value-based and sporting activities for around 200 of the city’s children in the club’s various competitive groups (on top of activities at the football schools).

The youth department’s children attend sports and educational activities about four times a week.

The organization works with families and children from all parts of the city and from a varied population (including underprivileged populations), led by the idea of combining the cultural, religious, national and political diversity that composes the human mosaic of Jerusalem, who live in coexistence and respect for all cultures and religions.

The youth department’s activities use sports in general and particularly football as a bridge to connect between people and cultures, with the aim of building a better common future for the city of Jerusalem and its residents.

The worldview that places education and training at the center, leads Betar Nordia Jerusalem youth department’s coaches to be in constant contact with the teachers and the schools.

Club’s goals – Future projects

Since football and sports occupy a significant part of the world of children who attend the organization’s activities, we would like to harness sport and the influence the coaches have on the children, in order to make a difference and assist children in other areas, especially in reducing educational gaps and promoting the educational aspect in every girl and boy, as well as providing an emotional response to problems and pressures that arise from the children and do not find a solution.

The club believes in holistic education and in encompassing all that surround a child and help him or her: Family, school and sports activities, and making sure that everyone works collaboratively for the child’s well-being.

Thus, the club seeks to add to its activities a model of complementary educational, emotional and learning activities and works towards that goal.

The organization will rent study rooms and ancillary services, which will enable children to arrive to the facility before training, where they will be met by the project manager and student instructors. In addition, each child will receive a nutritious meal, following a menu that will be coordinated and approved by the director of the youth department of Betar Nordia Jerusalem, Mr. Mano Dahan.

The children will receive academic assistance, including help with homework and preparing for school exams.

The club will also take care of the children’s emotional state by conducting group meetings as well as individual conversations with the children. All that in order to increase the children’s sense of self-confidence and academic and personal ability.

The club will be in contact with schools and teachers, while constantly monitoring both the children’s achievements and their general status in the classroom and at school, from a holistic perspective of the child.

In preparation for yearly events, such as memorial days and holidays, we will hold a value-educational activity. Sometimes in preparation for an event, the children will volunteer for activities, based on the idea of mutual guarantee, helping others, and the perception that giving and volunteering empower the giver as well.

 [O1]אפשרות נוספת: Education at a glance