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Beitar Nordia Jerusalem

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When it was established in 2014, Beitar Nordia Jerusalem have set a number of goals. One of the most important of these was the desire to be an integral and significant part of the space in which we live and work – the city of Jerusalem that we love so much.

For us, Nordia will not only play and train in Jerusalem – it will become part of the very special fabric of this amazing city, and make connections with local people and organizations who want the same thing – to make it a better place.

Over the years, we have joined hands with “Shalva” and put together a project that has used sports to empower the organization’s amazing children. We worked hand in hand with the Jerusalem Municipality’s Welfare Department, as members of the association and fans of the group collected donations for the needy in the city. We organized events and volunteered in organizations such as “Shekel” (community integration for people with disabilities) and “Roi’s friends”, who work for at-risk youth, along with the dear Momi Dahan and Eldan.

But most of all, we are proud of the absolute and committed mobilization of the team players across all its departments, from the senior team to the children’s teams. From the first moment it was clear that Beitar Nordia Jerusalem must be more than just another Jerusalem football team. Achievements and results on the field are important, of course, but wearing the yellow-black uniform with this Menorah is a commitment – a commitment to represent values of giving and volunteering for the other.

The players of the Senior team came to Sha’are Zedek Hospital together with the members of the association several times to make children hospitalized there happy and give them gifts and sweets. However, the community activity of our youth and children’s team players is even more important. We want to not only train the players that they will be, but also shape the people that they will become. Therefore, the young actors did everything from disputing Purim parcel deliveries at Sha’are Zedek to packing food deliveries to low-income families for the Naomi charity organization.

In Nordia, “Hod ve Hadar Beitari” are not just slogans – they are a way of life. But in order for us to continue these activities and many more, we must have you with us. It’s time to get off the fence – if Beitar Nordia or what it represents have ever been important to you, this is the season to join and give a shoulder. Nordia was established as an attempt to get out of the ordinary indifference of football fans in the country. Do not remain indifferent now.