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Jabotinsky – Holocost

Back in 1935, Jabotinsky foresaw the fate of the European Jewish community and begged them to leave everything and immigrate to Israel. On Tisha B’Av (9th of Av?) 1938, Jabotinsky spoke to the Jews of Warsaw, Poland:
“For the past three years I have been addressing you, the Jews of Poland, the crown of world Jewry(?), in reading. I warn you relentlessly that catastrophe is approaching. My hair has turned white, and I am old in these years, as my heart is bleeding because you, dear brothers and sisters, do not see the volcano that will immediately begin to emit the fire of destruction. I see a terrible sight. The time when you can still be saved is short. I know, you do not see, that you are preoccupied and anxious with daily worries.

Listen to my words at 12 o’clock: For God’s sake! Let each one save his life, as long as there is time for it – and time is short!

And one more thing I would like to tell you, on this Tisha B’Av: those who succeed in escaping their souls from the catastrophe, will enjoy the solemn moment of great Jewish joy: the rebirth of a Jewish state. I do not know if I will get it, my son – yes! I believe in this as much as I am sure that tomorrow morning the sun will rise again, I believe in complete faith.”

Jabotinsky was extremely pessimistic about the continuation of Jewish life in the Diaspora, at a conference of the New Zionist Organization (Zach) held in Warsaw on June 13, 1936, he explicitly raised the idea of “evacuation” – the mass evacuation of Jews from Europe. Jabotinsky was massivly attacked on the grounds that his idea would cause the Polish government to deport the Jews.

In his opposition to the partition plan proposed in 1937 by the British Commission of Inquiry into the Phil Commission (according to which only a small portion of Israel would be given to Jews for the purpose of establishing a state), Jabotinsky argued that if Judaism does not eliminate the Diaspora, it will eliminate Judaism and therefore action must be taken to transfer the masses of Polish Jews to Israel. Various currents in Judaism, including the “Bund”, fought against the idea of eliminating the Diaspora and Jabotinsky’s evacuation plan. But he went on to warn: ”We must save millions – many millions. I do not know if the question concerns the absorption of a third of the Jewish race, or half of the Jewish race or a quarter of the Jewish race. I do not know. But it’s a matter of millions.” February 1938, the evacuation plan was accepted as an official plan of the New Zionist Organization.